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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 Litres) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 Litres)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 Litres)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 Litres)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 Litres)

€95,00 EUR

Our Extra Virgin Olive (EVO) Oil is produced by the olive trees of our sister property Masseria San Domenico using the traditional and artisanal techniques of the oil mill.

This 'San Domenico Blend' is obtained from a mixture of a variety of oils: Leccino, CoratinaNocellare of the Bellice and Nociara, all from the trees of the Masseria in order to make this unique flavour. 

We are extremely proud of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil! 

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Variety: San Domenico blend

Colour: Yellow-green, clear

Bouquet: Balanced intensity, fine with vegetal hints reminiscent of artichoke and green almond

Taste: Plant notes immediately in relief, EVO oil of excellent structure and with a remarkable intensity, balanced and fine with a good harmony between spicy and bitter

Foods to pair: Bruschetta, pinzimonio, vegetables, legume soups, broad bean puree, stewed fish soups, sea bass in salt crust, baked meat and fish, Mediterranean cuisine in general.

Its contribution consists mainly of moderate aroma and flavour but it enhances the taste of every food to which it is added!

Includes: x1 5L can
Weight and dimensions: 32cm/5kg

100% Made in Puglia
Produced by Masseria San Domenico
SP 90, 72015 Savelletri, Fasano (IT)


Flowering and monitoring: each step of the olive growth (flowering, fruit set and veraison) is monitored weekly with strict controls by an agronomist.

Flowering Period and Fruit set: May/June

Veraison Period: October

Harvest Period: October/December

Milling: Cold extraction in less than 24h from the harvest with crusher at low speeds (process temperature is 25°)

Storage and Bottling: storage in steel silos in the absence of oxygen at a controlled temperature of 24° and subsequent bottling in aluminum containers to ensure and preserve the fragrance and quality.

Our future and that of the planet depend on the choices we make at the table. The food system is the greatest threat to global biodiversity. Sustainable nutrition can save the planet and keep us healthy. Food is the most powerful lever for improving human health and ecosystems. We aim to guarantee the best products to bring to the table of our customers, giving value to all our production processes that have the sustainability of the planet as their mission.

The main nucleus of Masseria San Domenico dates back to the fifteenth century and consists of a watchtower belonging to the Knights of Malta who had their main base in Puglia in the nearby port of S. Stefano. The Tower still intact with its manholes and flues stands proud of its historic role in the center of the residential area that gradually was transforming until the eighteenth century becoming one of the most important fortified farms in the area.

Working in the olive groves of the Masseria is hard work but satisfying, it requires dedication and tenacity, but the ultimate gratification is remarkable. Enjoying the star climate, sun exposure and the smell of the worked soil is always a special feeling. As human beings, we have a responsibility to do what we can to preserve the beauty and value of our land!

Masseria San Domenico is located in a coastal area, smiling at us from a privileged territory able to ensure a high quality of oil. The company operates in a sustainable way, protecting the environment and preserving the production of native cultivars. Respect for a natural Mediterranean diet is part of the company’s DNA. From the care of the land to the table, Masseria San Domenico makes quality its added value.