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La Frasca Jar La Frasca Jar La Frasca Jar
La Frasca Jar
La Frasca Jar
La Frasca Jar

La Frasca Jar

€30,00 EUR

Designed and crafted exclusively for Borgo Egnazia by a set of skilled Artisans in Puglia, the signature 'La Frasca" Restaurant pattern comes in a complete Tableware Collection for your Home!


Colour: Red (see more colours)
Composition: handmade and hand-painted ceramic
Country of origin: Italy
Set of 1
Size: h19cm, ⌀12cm
Care: Dishwasher safe
Note: all pieces are individually hand-crafted, colour and or motif may vary slightly 



In the old days, wealthy people in Puglia would decorate their homes with beautiful hand-painted ceiling frescos. Their tableware would be also be hand-painted one by one with incredible attention to detail.

The  farmers would use stencils instead, the cheaper and faster way to decorate. This red design was especially made for our La Frasca Restaurant with the same technique applied in the old days using teeny-tiny stencils and remains to this day a beautiful way to decorate your tables.